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At the moment we are 52 adults and 29+ children. We will expand to an approximate total of ~80 to 100 people (~45 flats). 

The next opportunity to become a part of our group will probably be in 2024.

If you are interested, write to us (mitmachen@vis-a-wien.at), or subscribe to our newsletter for ongoing information. Either way, you will be informed in time about the start of the next group expansion. 

Process of the expansion:

  1. informative meeting
  2. questionnaire (goes out to all participants)
  3. getting to know each other in small groups
  4. trial participation in our regular meetings
  5. internal decision on how many people and who we can accommodate.

In addition to potential housemates, we also welcome ideas for cooperation, interest in our commercial spaces, or simply general questions, curiosity and ideas.

Generally, we are looking for people who are passionate about the ideas of the housing community and share its vision. We have the goal of breaking out of the proverbial bubble and creating a sustainable social mix that reflects the overall society within our neighbourhood/community.